Office Automation

The pluriannual experience gained in the fields of integration systems and Office Automation allows Novagem Soluzions to offer software or hardware and software solutions which, using technology properly, allow our customers to: optimize and simplify procedures, improve efficiency, reduce the time and costs of existing processes, reduce the chance of human error.

•  Since it implies a less manual work, the activities can be executed faster
•  It reduces the number of workers needed for a specific job/process, so that human resources can be used for other significant activities
•  It helps the data centralization, reducing its redundancy and duplication and, consequently, maintenance
•  Since it implies the use of software systems for activities like data imput, maintenance and manipulation, the chances of incorrect data insertion into the system are reduced. Having access to correct data is a great help for a manager, when decisions have to be taken
•  Having the data centralized and storicized helps future potential fruition, with augmentable reports and statistics

Given its knowledge of various companies, Novagem Solutions prefers those technologies which allow to revalue the current human potential more. We are able to manage applicative logical flows that exploit, in example, documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, PDF. These documents can be source, destination or center of a workflow.


Often for Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, it is used the WebDav feature of Microsoft Office platform, which allows a direct edit of the document even when it is get through Web and a common web browser like Internet Explorer. The rules to access to the documents are defined into the software and, as each access in read only mode is tracked, so each writing access means the creation of a new revision of the contents (audit trail).