Custom software
  Novagem Solutions offers software design and development to help companies in the various phases of project management. Starting from objectives identification, going through the requirements definition and following the more suitable strategic line to allow the product evolution even when it has to be compared with times and moods imposed by commercial and market aspects.


The disposability of the Customer to give us an overview allows us to proceed with the modular development step by step, encouraging little starting investments and checking the efficiency of the proposed solutions directly on the field.

•  Custom applications for Server/Desktop for Windows/Mac/Linux OS
•  Custom application for Mobile
•  Interface customization, ad-hoc solution
•  Software for third-part sales
•  Reporting and Data Analisys

Within the custom software development, Novagem Solutions creates applications and components self-designed, with custom visual interface required by the users, to allow an immediate and functional use of the software’s peculiarities.

Cloud software or cloud services intended for sale

Novagem Solutions designs and develops softwares also for those Customers who wants to be resellers and even in that specific case we allow our Customers to extend the features of the current software on specific commercial aspects. Often the integration on new features occurs simply by introducing new rules that will be elaborated by the system’s engine, either it is centrilized or local.


Anti reverse engineering

Data secrecy is taking into great consideration, both to avoid illecit software copies and to protect a specific know how used by our Customer, making him as safe as possible from reverse engineering attacks.