Process optimization tools for automation industry

The services provided by Novagem Solutions  in the automation area are developed for the acquisition and the elaboration of product tests data.


Through the development of custom systems, often combined with PLC devices or other dedicated hardware, Novagem Solutions offers a great know-how in centralized systems for the management of the test phase in the quality control application. The product verification tool’s performances optimization allows a significant reduction of times, costs and humar errors frequency.

More than once, given the urgent need of a Customer to proceed with the development of a quality control system without its product chain ready, Novagem Solutions developed a simulator. The use of these simulators allowed also to notice, in a preliminary phase, of further improvement applaiable to the production chain itself.

 • Performance verification
 • Process optimization and human error reduction
 • Hardware emulation
 • PLC, Laser markers and custom hardware  integration
 • Centralized Quality Control and Product Verification & Validation
 • Storaging and reporting
 • Real time analisys and differite analisys

For automation, industry Novagem Solutions provides systems that manage and control test lines, developed for product verify and for the retention of traceability data. The interaction with PLC systems, barcode readers, custom hardware and laser tags is complete.


Next to the real-time system there are also application designed and developed for data analysis, both with strategic purposes, linked to the implant’s efficiency, or analysis based on test models definible also in future, allowing their execution on samples already processed.