• software engineering
  • cloud solutions
  • healthcare industry
  • automation industry
  • mobile device applications
  • office automation
  • embedded devices

Novagem Solutions, constantly updating and evolving, designs and develops software Cloud systems. Published on customer's servers or on Novagem Solutions partners' servers, the vertical Cloud application developed are sturdy, versatile and are open to scalability and extensibility. Cloud is not only to be intended as Web portal or data space, but conceptually it is a set of services, information and functionalities of various kinds. Used both from user application and specific hardware divices, the systems are efficient, highly maintainable, compatible and extensible.


Novagem Solutions is able to realize and manage complex systems, which require interaction between industrial systems and control systems, both desktop or embedded systems, both local or remote. It is possible to develop process management and/or process optimization solutions, with or without the need of a human operator.


Novagem Solutions porpose itself for the development of mobile application which need to be sturdy, secure data management, interfacing with third party services both standard and dedicated, communications and data exchange with other heterogenous devices. iOS, Android and WinPhone are the mail mobile systems on wich we can work with, creating functionalities that are the meeting point between complex systems.


Novagem Solutions realizes services and applications that support the biomedial industry. Specifically for what concern the medical devices validation, it identifies, designs and develops software systems that help the partial or total automation of the product test.


Through the development of custom systems, often combined with PLC devices or other dedicated hardware, Novagem Solutions offers a great know-how in centralized systems for the management of the test phase in the quality control application. The product verification tool’s performances optimization allows a significant reduction of times, costs and human errors frequency.


The pluriannual experience gained in the fields of integration systems and Office Automation allows Novagem Soluzions to offer software or hanrdware and software solutions which, using technology properly, allow our customers to: optimize and simplify procedures, improve efficiency, reduce the time and costs of existing processes, reduce the chance of the human error.


Thanks to its pluriannual experience and to several cases successfully overcame, to the tools used, to the technologies chosen, now the migration of active application from desktop to web is possible at low costs and often without the need of drastic changes to the program architecture.


Novagem Solutions offers software design and development to help companies in the various phases of project management. Starting from objectives identification, going through the requirements definition and following the more suitable strategic line to allow the product evolution even when it has to be compared with times and moods imposed by commercial and market aspects.


Novagem Solutions  is ready to help its Customer by designing, developing, providing assistance and managing informatic systems, in order to improve the architectures and strategies definition with the purpose of helping an efficient and sustainable evolution of the company.