Cloud solutions
  Novagem Solutions,  constantly updating and evolving, designs and develops software Cloud systems. 

Published on customer's servers or on Novagem Solutions partners' servers, the vertical Cloud application developed are sturdy, versatile and are open to scalability and extensibility.


Cloud is not only to be intended as Web portal or data space, but conceptually it is a set of services, information and functionality of various kinds. Used both from user application and specific hardware devices, the systems are efficient, highly maintainable, compatible and extensible.

Multi-platform synchronization and data management
Web application
Web services
Data exchange and communication with PC, mobile devices, custom devices
High manutenibility, extendibility, and centralization 

Accessibility to tools and data, considering user localization, and using only the web browser. Installing on the host, the costs and the rates of maintainance and intervention are reduced, helping the functionality update in a direct and immediate way. Updates may be available to all users or to gradual portions of them, in order to allow final tests on the users before the formalization of the new version of the product.  

Novagem Solutions' web applications maintain a user experience comparable to that of desktop solutions. Menus, imput fields, buttons, data grids, popup windows and other controls wich all users are used to after years of Windows and Mac experience, are now available in Cloud platforms with the same immediacy and the same capacity for they are known.     

In back-end processed data acquisition and elaboration processes are always available, even on geographically diversified locations. The sequence of operations that allow data acquisition is managed even in case of dedicated hardware, both connected to a PC or provided with its own communication mechanisms like WiFi, GPRS, UMTS


Data backup is managed by the Cloud System with copy or synchronize into customer servers or other geographical data centers.