Mobile devices

The future in mobile and the industry can not exempt from adapt and propose mobile solutions.

Novagem Solutions porpose itself for the development of mobile application which need to be sturdy, secure data management, interfacing with third party services both standard and dedicated, communications and data exchange with other heterogenous devices. iOS, Android and WinPhone are the main mobile systems we can work with, creating functionalities that are the meeting point between complex systems.

 • Software for mobile platform: iOS, Android, WinPhone, Windows Mobile
 • Remote system control
 • Standard and proprietary communication protocol
 • Document management tools
 • Presentation platforms
 • Server API interfacing


In this category are contained all those physical devices which allow the interaction and the communication through multiple net infrastructures. In the last few years there has been a drastical increase of the number of these devices that allow everyone to keep himself informed and updated and connected with the resources he needs to check.

Novagem Solutions prefers those technologies which helps an easy user experience, similar to the desktop systems one even on mobile systems. Devices that are nowadays necessary and not only diffused are daily used and are now part of this society. With our experience with the most recent operative systems in mobile field, iOS, Android, WinPhone, we realize management, control, documental management/presentation applications in compelte mobility.

More than once, Novagem Solutions needed to push itself over the limits of the use of libraries and SDK of those operative systems, maintaining affidability and sturdiness of its systems. We proudly developd a proprietary communication protocol, based on TCP/IP package, which allows secure, encrypted and with autoconnect connections between heterogenous devices. The system manages connectivity between a dedicated hardware, provided with its WiFi card, working with an iPad tablet and an Android smartphone, all connected concurrently and able to exchange consistent data stream in the form of serialized and deserialized objects or in streaming.