Business and Technology Consulting
  Novagem Solutions  is ready to help its Customer by designing, developing, providing assistance and managing informatic systems, in order to improve the architectures and strategies definition with the purpose of helping an efficient and sustainable evolution of the company.

•  Management and evaluation of services which concern the different operations which concern products, processes and the informatice structure.
•  Collaborations with expert consultants, both national and foreign, with a great know how in specific areas.
•  Feasibility studies and consulting about the use of new information technologies, design and impelementation of analysis tools, detection, automation, measurement.
•  Customer coaching during the formative process of the resources dedicated to the project, with the purpose of grant an operative indipendence and an autonomous management of the industrial processes linked to the developed applications.
•  Renew of the company’s platform softwares, in order to gain new performances about: connectivity, mobility, security and cloud.